YL Yann Landry

Initial commit

After owning this domain for a while and with exams now out of my way I figured it would be a perfect time to start my blog. Here's my inaugural post.

I know what you're thinking. Inaugural posts are so corny. Good thing he at least renamed it to “Initial commit”.

Anyway. Let's start. I got many interesting things coming up in the next few weeks/months/years so it became obvious that I had to put a blog in place. Plus, it's just been a few hours of work, and it's almost done. Maybe it will need a few enhancements in the future. We'll see. Ah, and it also needs some sort of administration panel. Something so I won't have to query the database directly every time I want to insert/update a blog post. But it's a good start.

On here I'll blog about my programming activities and experiments as well as my future research work. I'll also occasionally talk about my future trips and scuba diving adventures. You might also read my rants about some random subjects, though that's usually really rare.

See ya.